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Mississippi Criminal Background Check


  • Adams

Adams County Sheriff’s Office Inmates – Find inmates in Adams County jail. View people who are currently locked up in Natchez, Mississippi. Locate inmates who have been charged with burglary, possession of drugs, burglary, forgery and other charges. Review the detainees mugshots, inmate number, arrest date, and bond information. Located in Natchez, MS.






  • Calhoun

Calhoun County Inmate Search – Find information for the inmates currently being detained in the Calhoun County Jail. Find information on the allowed items, find prohibited items, and look through the up to date list of inmates. Also look over the list of accepted bonding agencies. Located in Pittsboro, MS.






  • Clay

Clay County Inmate Roster Search – Find the list of current inmates from West Point, Mississippi. Look to see who was recently arrested. See if there is anyone who know in jail. Find people i jail charged with murder and possession of drugs. Located in West Point, MS.




  • DeSoto

DeSoto County Detention Center Inmate Search – Want to know who is in jail or why someone was arrested? Find all information pertaing to people arrested and sent to jail. Look for their charges, see the arrest date and time, find out if they have a bond and the amount, and see if there is a possible release date for current inmates. Located in Hernando, MS.

  • Forrest

Forrest County Sheriff’s Inmate Search – Find people who have been arrested. Look up inmate information and find the details of their arrest. Research the inmates charges and find people that have been charged with dealing crack cocaine, charged with possession of meth or heroine, murder charges, and charges related burglary and home invasion. Located in Hattiesburg, MS.





  • Hancock

Hancock County Jail Inmate Search – See who’s in jail. Find people that are locked up and see their mugshot photos. Look for the list of charges they are facing. See if someone has bond information. Also see what past charges they have faced and any information on a release date. Located in Bay St Louis, MS.

  • Harrison

Harrison County Jail Inmate Tracker – Use the Harrison County jail inmate tracker to find someone you know in jail. Look to see what charges the inmates are facing. Identify the severity of the charges by looking to see if they committed a felony or a misdemeanor. Located in Gulfport, MS.

  • Hinds

Hinds County Inmate Query – Search for people who were recently arrested and booked into Hinds County jail. Find out if someone has been charged with kidnapping, charged with possession of drugs, burglary charges, and assault charges. View the charge severity and see if the charge was a felony or a misdemeanor. Located in Jackson, MS.





  • Jackson

Jackson County Detention Center Inmates – Look up the most recent list of inmates and find the least recent list of inmates. See who is currently serving time in the Jackson County jail. See who was the arresting agency, find out if there is a possible bond, and see if someone has a release date from jail. Located in Pascagoula, MS.

  • Jasper

Jasper County Jail Roster – Want to see who was recently arrested or see if you have a family member in the county jail? Find all filed charges for those in custody and review the information for bond amounts and possible release dates. Located in Bay Springs, MS.


Jefferson Davis

  • Jones

Jones County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Lookup – Find someone in jail. Look at who has been arrested and see the list of crimes that were committed. Find out if someone is still in jail. Find a roster of releases within the last 48 hours. Look for information on bond as well as information on possible date of release. Located in Laurel, MS.

  • Kemper

Kemper County Sheriff’s Inmate List – Look who was arrested. Find a friend or family member who was recently arrested. Look to see when someone was arrested and find out what charges they are facing. Loo up a current inmate and see if they have been sentenced or if they are awaiting sentencing. Located in Dekalb, MS.


  • Lamar

Lamar County Inmate Search – Locate current inmates booked into Lamar County jail. Find the inmate jail tracker and search for someone you may know who was arrested. Search through inmate details and see who has been charged with felonies or misdemeanors. Look for people charged with assault, rape, murder, and burglary. Located in Purvis, MS.




  • Lee

Lee County Jail Roster – Search the active inmate roster for people you know or for someone recently detained by Lee County law enforcement. Find people who have committed crimes such as burglary, home invasion, dealing heroine, crack/cocaine, and murder charges. Search the list of current inmates as well as the 48 hour release inmates. Located in Tupelo, MS.




  • Lowndes

Lowndes County Jail Roster – Need to find out if someone was recently arrested and what charges they are facing? Find people recently arrested and booked into the Lowndes County Jail. Find the full list of inmates, review if they are currently incarcerated or if they have been released. Located in Columbus, MS.

  • Madison

Madison County Detention Center – Search through the current list of inmates being detained by the Madison County Sheriff’s department. Find all the charges for these inmates, charges for capitol murder, child abuse, rape, and armed robbery. Look to see if you have a family member currently locked up. Located in Canton, MS.

  • Marion

Marion County Sheriff’s Inmate Records – Need to see if your friend was taken to jail? Want to see all the people who have been arrested in Marion County? Look up the records for all current inmates. Find the information need to see about bond, release dates, and all charges filed against an inmate. Find people charged with manslaughter, robbery, possession of drugs and more.                                     Located in Columbia, MS.







  • Oktibbeha

Oktibbeha County Inmate List – Look to see who was recently arrested. Find the daily inmate roster and see if you know someone currently in police custody. Find contact information for the jail and arresting agency. Located in Starkville, MS.


  • Pearl River

Pearl River County Inmate Listing – Review the most up to date list of detainees in custody. Find the most recent arrests and see the full list of charges for those arrested. Find all information pertaining to those arrested, find booking dates, booking times, inmate ID, and the arresting agency. Located in Poplarville,MS.

  • Perry

Perry County Inmate Search – Search for information on current inmates and find the details of their arrest. Look for people in your area that are currently in jail and see what crimes they have committed. Don’t know if someone one was arrested, look throught the active inmate roster. Located in Augusta, MS.

  • Pike

Pike County Jail Inmates – Search the available rosters to see who is currently in jail and find out why they were arrested. Search the cell block listing to see where someone is and find out there inmate ID. View the list of contact information to see who you should contact for all inmate related questions. Located in Magnolia, MS.


  • Prentiss

Prentiss County Sheriff’s Department – Find all your county jail and inmate contact information and resources. Locate the proper offices to find out any information you may need for someone currently in custody. Located in Booneville, MS.



Scott Sharkey






  • Tate

Tate County Sheriff’s Dept – Find the Tate County jails contact information. Locate all the correct contacts for the jail in order to get the most up to date jail roster. Find the rules and guidelines for inmate commissary and visitation rules. Located in Senatobia, MS.



  • Tunica

Tunica County Jail Inmate Roster – Search through up to date jail rosters. Find all the inmates currently in custody and review the entire list of filed charges. See those inmates who are charged with murder, sexual assault, and child abuse. Find information for their bond amount, find the date of arrest, and the arresting agency. Located in Tunica, MS.


























Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of Mississippi Department of Corrections.

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Background checks for other types of facilities may be provided by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Information CenterMore information »

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Mississippi Judiciary Administrative Office of the Courts – Conduct a court case records lookup in the state of Mississippi.

Mississippi Sex Offender Registry – Welcome to the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry web site, which lists registered sex offenders in Mississippi. Once you have read and acknowledged the disclaimer below, you may search the database by a specific sex offender’s name, or obtain a listing of registrants within a specified distance of an address, or obtain a listing of registrants within a specified Mississippi ZIP code. Also, you may use the map application to search your neighborhood or anywhere throughout the state to determine the specific locations of registrants. Easily locate sex offenders in your area.

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