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Montana Arrests & Inmates


  • Big Horn

Big Horn County Inmate Roster – Review the list of inmates that are currently in jail. Look at arrest mugshots, find the complete list of charges, see where someone was arrested, and view all bond information, including the bond amounts. Located in Hardin, Montana.


  • Broadwater

Broadwater County Current Inmates – Find current inmate information as well as information for inmates released within the last 48 hours. Review inmate profiles and see all the details for their case. Find out if there is available bond amounts and see the contact information for the sheriff’s office. Located in Townsend, Montana.





  • Custer

Custer County Jail Inmate Information – Find the daily jail population link above the jail contact information. Access the the jail inmate roster and see who is currently in being held in custody by the Custer County sheriff’s office. See the booking date, find the inmates booking number, and see which part of the jail they are currently being held in. Located in Miles City, Montana.


  • Dawson

Dawson County Inmate Lookup – Look at the daily updated jail inmate roster. Find the full list of current inmates in custody. Look throught the name and see all the charges for each person in jail. See if someone was charged with homicide or murder, see if there is anyone charged with robbery and find people charged with possession of dangerous drugs. Located in Glendive, Montana.

Deer Lodge

  • Fallon

Fallon County Detention Facility Inmates – Find out who is in jail. Find the inmates currently locked up in the Fallon County jail. View their arrest information and see if they have been granted bond. Located in Baker, Montana.


  • Flathead

Flathead County Current Inmate List – How to find someone in jail or find someone recently arrested. Look at the current updated list for inmates being housed in the Flathead County jail. Scroll through the names of the inmates, and see all their charges. Find inmates charged with sexual assault, charged for child sex abuse, charged for theft and many more charges. Located in Kalispell, Montana.




Golden Valley




Judith Basin

  • Lake

Lake County Sheriff’s Dept Inmate Roster – Find the list of people currently in custody at the Lake County Detention Facility. Look through the names of inmates and find out if you have friends or family members in jail. View the charges for each inmate and see what information is available for their case. Located in Polson, Montana.

  • Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark County Jail Roster –  Find the complete list of inmates in jail. Search through the names of those in custody to find someone you know or to see if someone is in jail. View information such as booking numbers and the date of booking. Located in Helena, Montana.



Madison McCone



  • Missoula

Missoula County Inmate Information – Have the ability to see the current inmate roster, inmate court schedule, and recently released inmate information. Scan through the list of inmate names and find their arrest date, booking number, and global jacket number. See what the inmates bond is, as well find any release information. Located in Missoula, Montana.






Powder River



  • Ravalli

Ravalli County Inmate Roster – Find a complete list of inmates, both current and recently released. Search for inmates by name, arrest dates, and see the inmate intake mugshots. Review the list of charges filed and see who has been arrested for dangerous drugs, find people charged with child neglect and charges for fraud. Located in Hamilton, Montana.






  • Silver Bow

Silver Bow Inmate List – Look at the inmate information people in police custody and detained in the Silver Bow county jail. Find bond information and amounts, see what charges each inmate is facing, and look to see if they have a release date available. Find all sheriff’s office contact info too. Located in Butte, Montana.

  • Stillwater

Stillwater County Inmate Finder – Find out who is currently in the Stillwater County jail. Find friends, neighbors, and people you work with who have been recently arrested. Locate and view all information regarding the inmates case. Located in Columbus, Montana.

Sweet Grass




  • Valley

Valley County Jail Inmate Roster – Search for all inmates currently in jail and those who have been released. Look through arrest records for the past year. Find the intake mugshots for the inmates, view the list of charges, and see if the have been charged with a crime more than once. Located in Glasgow, Montana.



  • Yellowstone

Yellowstone County Detention Facility Inmates – Want to find out who is currently in jail or find someone who was recently arrested? Look at the list of inmates being housed in Billings, Mt and see if there is anyone you recognize. View charges, see arrest dates, and find the total amounts of their bond. Located in Billings, Montana.








Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of the Montana Department of Corrections.

Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.