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North Carolina Criminal Background Check




  • Anson

Anson County Sheriff’s Inmate Search – Looking for someone who may have been arrested or looking to see if someone is still in jail? Find all the information you need about someone in jail. Search for inmates by name and see the contact information for the local sheriff’s office. Review the guidelines for visitation and programs available to the inmates. Located in Wadesboro, North Carolina.






  • Brunswick

Brunswick County Jail Inmate Search – Find inmates serving time in the Brunswick County jail. Look at the names of those arrested and see if you recognize someone or complete a search of the current inmates by name. See what type of crimes people are committing in your county. See if someone is charged with kidnapping, see if any is charged with assault. Located in Bolivia, North Carolina.

  • Buncombe

Buncombe County Inmate Lookup – Need to see if there is someone in jail or see if someone has been arrested? Find all local law enforcement contact information. See the most up to date list of inmates currently in police custody. Find out why someone was arrested and see the date they were locked up. Located in Asheville, North Carolina.


  • Cabarrus

Cabarrus County Jail Inmate Search – Search the Cabarrus County, North Carolina jail inmate list to see when someone was arrested. Look through the inmate mugshots, view all the charges for each inmate, and see all the arrest details. Also find the contact information for the jail and sheriff’s office. Located in Concord, North Carolina.

  • Caldwell

Caldwell County Inmate List – View the current list of inmates in police custody. Find out when someone went to jail. See why someone was arrested and see what charges the arrested person is facing. Look through the arrest details, and find the sheriff’s office contact information for any questions not answered. Located in Lenoir, North Carolina.




  • Catawba

Catawba County Who’s in Jail – See who is in jail. Look at who went to jail within the last 72 hours. Find mugshot picture, detailed list of charges filed, date they were arrested, and court dates. See all the inmates who are facing felony charges as well as the inmates facing minor and misdemeanor charges. Look for for bond information and see if someone in jail has been released. Located in Newton, North Carolina.








  • Cumberland

Cumberland County Jail Inmate Lookup – Look to see who is currently in jail. Find out why someone went to jail in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Search for inmates by name and see the charges they are facing. Find out if they are facing felony charges or if it is a misdemeanor charge. Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.




Davie County


  • Durham

Durham County Jail Inmate Lookup – Look to see who is serving time in the Durham County jail. Find all available information pertaining to the current inmates. Locate all the contact information for the sheriff’s office. Scroll through the list of inmates names and charges. Find bond amount, arrest dates, and felony or misdemeanor charges. Located in Durham, North Carolina.


  • Forsyth

Forsyth County Inmate Inquiry – Look through the Forsyth County jail’s inmates list to inquire about someone you know in that may be in jail. Find out why someone was taken into custody and see the date of arrest. Look through the inmate booking pictures, see if there is an avaiable bond or possible date of release. Located in Winston Salem, North Carolina.


  • Gaston

Gaston County Sheriff’s Inmate Roster – Find people you know or someone you live near that was arrested. Look to see who is currently in jail and find out why they were arrested. Review mugshots, arrest details, bond information, and the full list of charges for the inmate. See if the sheriff’s department or the courts have information for a release and bond. Located in Gastonia, North Carolina.





  • Guilford

Guilford County Inmate Search – Locate people who have been recently arrested. Find out when someone was arrested and see what the charges are filed and the severity of each charge. Find the people in the community who are charged with murder, look for people charged with assault and find out who has been charged with possession of drugs. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina.


  • Harnett

Harnett County Inmate Lookup –  Search the Harnett County jail for inmates arrested within the last 24 hours and those previously arrested. Find people who have been booked into jail with updates every hour. Access arrest details, view mugshots, and see the list of crime the inmates have been charged with. Find bond amounts and possibility of a release. Located in Lillington, North Carolina.


  • Henderson

Henderson County Sheriff Inmate Search – Look up anyone who has been arrested within the last 72 hours. Look through arrest details to see when the inmates have court and all the charges they are facing. Also find out if there is an available bond and see the inmates mugshot. Located in Hendersonville, North Carolina.






  • Johnston

Johnston County Jail Inmate Search – Want to see who has been arrested? Look at who is in jail and see the inmate mugshots. Find out what crimes people are committing in your city and surrounding areas. Look through the list of charges and find out who has been charged with murder, find people charged with drug possession and find domestic violence cases. Located in Smithfield, North Carolina.


  • Lee

Lee County Jail Inmate Lookup – Find people serving time in the Lee County jail. Search for current inmates by name or view all the inmates in police custody. Find out if someone in jail has been sentenced and see their current holding location. View all charges for the inmates, find mugshots, see if they have a bond amount. Located in Sanford, North Carolina.


  • Lincoln

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Inmate Roster – Search the Lincoln County jail roster to find a family member who was arrested or someone you know who was arrested. See if there was someone released from jail. Look through all the charges listed and find out when someone was arrested. See the mugshots of the inmates and find out if there is an available bond. Located in Lincolnton, North Carolina.





  • Mecklenburg

Mecklenburg County Inmate Inquiry – Want to see who was recently in jail or find out if someone is still locked up? Look through the list of inmates and see if there is anyone you know in police custody. View mugshots and see what charges the inmates are facing. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina.





  • New Hanover

New Hanover County Inmate List – Scroll through the list of people currently in custody and the arresting agency. See if there was someone in jail charged with robbery or see if there are any charges of assault or murder charges filed. Located in Castle Hayne, North Carolina.






  • Pender

Pender County Jail Inmate Lookup – Find people who have been arrested within the last 24 hours. Scroll through the names  of the inmates currently in custody, and find the exact date and time they were booked into jail. Click through the list of inmates to find their current charges, find out if they have prior convictions, and see who is charged with violent crimes. Located in Burgaw, North Carolina.









  • Rowan

Rowan County Jail Inmates – Find out who is in jail. Look at the inmates listed in the inmate inquiry and find someone you know or see if a family member has been arrested. Find out if there is anyone facing charges for murder, see if there is any drug dealing charges, and find out if there has been anyone charged with domestic violence. Located in Salisbury, North Carolina.




  • Stanly

Stanly County Jail Inmate Search – Look through the first and last names of the inmates in custody of the Stanly County jail. Find the date someone was arrested. View the available arrest details for the inmates. See if there is a possible release date as well if there is a bond and what amount the bail is set at. Located in Albemarle, North Carolina.






  • Union

Union County Jail Inmate Search – View all inmates recently arrested and serving time in the Union County jail. Look at all the details noted for the arrest made. See if the person has been convicted in the past. Look at mugshot pictures, see current charges, and see the amount of their bond if bond is available. Located in Monroe, North Carolina.


  • Wake

Wake County Jail Inmate List – Here you can see who is currently on the list of inmates serving time in Wake County, North Carolina. Find people you know in jail, search the list of names and see the crimes that are occurring in your neighborhoods. Find out if there have been violent crimes and drug arrests near you. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina.




  • Wayne

Wayne County Jail Inmate Locator – Find all contact information for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. Use the inmate locator tab to access the up to date inmate roster. See what the jail recommends for visitation and contact methods. View the available services offered to the inmates. See how to put money or funds into the inmate commissary. Located in Goldsboro, North Carolina.



































Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of North Carolina Department of Corrections.

North Carolina Background Check – Obtain your criminal history background check or someone else’s. Find out what is on your record. Obtain single, one time background checks and or nationwide name based and fingerprint background checks on yourself or another person.

North Carolina Court System Records Search – Search court cases online. Find the outcome of a court case and see if someone was convicted of a crime. See if someone got a felony on their record by searching criminal court cases.

North Carolina Sex Offender Registry – Find out if someone is a sex offender. Search the registry by name, area and or location to view sex offenders near you.

Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.