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Ohio Criminal Background Check


  • Adams

Adams County Jail Inmate Roster – Complete a search by name for someone in jail or search the complete list of people in jail. See who was recently taken into custody and booked into jail. See if there is anyone in jail charged with domestic violence, look to see if someone has been charged with dealing drugs, and find out if there are any felons. Find mugshots and complete arrest details. Located in West Union, Ohio.








  • Butler

Butler County Jail Inmate Search – Look to see who has been arrested in Butler County, Ohio. Search through the inmates listed on the county jail roster and find the current names of people locked up. Find all information needed to contact inmates, add commissary funds, and what you can and cannot do during visits. Find all the arrest details and mugshot photos. Located in Hamilton, Ohio.




  • Clermont

Clermont County Jail Inmate List – How to find out if someone has been arrested? Look up people in jail. See what crimes people are committing. Search the inmate roster to see when someone was arrested and find out what charges have been filed against them. Located in Batavia, Ohio.

  • Clinton

Clinton County Jail Search – Look at the list of active inmates currently in custody. Search through the list of names and find all the inmates mugshots photos. See who is in jail for committing violent crimes, find out who was arrested for selling drugs, and see who has been arrested and charged with a felony. Located in Wilmington, Ohio.





  • Darke

Darke County Jail Inmates – Find out who is in jail and find out the status of the persons case. Look through the arrest details and find out when someone was arrested, where they are being held, and if the is information on their bond. Look at mugshots, see if there are active warrants, and the inmates booking number. Located in Greenville, Ohio.


  • Delaware

Delaware County Inmate Listing – Locate all the inmates currently in police custody in Delaware County. Find the complete list of inmates and if there is someone you know or a family member in jail. Find out who was the arresting agency, see the time and date of arrest, as well as the inmates arrest mugshot. Located in Delaware, Ohio.

  • Erie

Erie County Jail Inmate Roster – Access the current up to date Erie County jail roster. Search the roster for people you know or just find out who was arrested and booked into custody. Find the inmates arrest detail, see the status of their case, and find out if there is an available bond amount. Also look through mugshots, and see what charges someone is facing. Located in Sandusky, Ohio.



  • Franklin

Franklin County Inmate Services – Find all the information you will need to see if someone is currently in jail and the rules for visitiing someone in jail. Look at the Franklin county jail zero tolerance policy before you go see someone locked up. View all the contact numbers and addresses for the sheriff’s department and the jail. Located in Columbus, Ohio.






  • Hamilton

Hamilton County Inmate Search – Hamilton County jail inmate jail roster. See who is currently in jail. Search through the list of current inmates in police custody in Ohio. Find out what crimes are being committed in your neighborhoods. Look at inmate arrest photos, see the charges each person is facing, and find out if someone has a bond. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Hancock

Hancock County Jail Active Inmates – Find out who was locked up. View the county jail inmate roster and access the arrest details. See if someone is in jail for committing a felony or see if the charges they are facing is a misdemeanor. Look through the list of inmate mugshots to see if there is someone you know in jail. Located in Findlay, Ohio.







  • Huron

Huron County Jail Inmate Search – Check the Huron County jail inmate roster for a complete list of details for the people in jail. Look through the inmates names, arrest dates, see inmate mugshots, and find out who the arresting agency was. Also have the ability to see if bond is possible and the list of approved visitors. Located in Norwalk, Ohio.



  • Knox

Knox County Jail – Find the information needed to get into contact with the sheriff’s office, find out how to get in contact with someone in jail, and see what ways you can add commissary to an inmates account. View the information and rules for visitation and the list of personnel employed by the county jail. Located in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

  • Lake

Lake County Sheriff’s Inmate Roster – View the official Lake County jail inmate roster. Find out who went to jail, see when someone was arrested, and see if someone you know has been released from jail. Look at an up to date county jail detainee list and see the charges for all the people in custody. Located in Painesville, Ohio.

Lawrence Licking

  • Logan

Logan County Inmate Lookup – Find out who is in jail. Look up inmates by name or see the entire roster of people in jail. Find out who is in jail and charged with drug trafficking, see if someone has been charged with murder, find out who in jail is facing felony charges. View inmate mugshots, and see if there is a possible bond. Located in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

  • Lorain

Lorain County Jail Inmates – Find all the recent arrests and people taken intocustody. Look for inmates arrested within the last 24 hours and find out the arrest time. Look at the inmates arrest details and see what crimes they committed and the charges each person in jail is facing. See if there is a possibility of being released or if there is an amount for their bond. Located in Elyria, Ohio.



  • Mahoning

Mahoning County Inmate Roster – Look through the list of active inmates currently being held in the Mahoning County, Ohio jail. See who in jail has committed violent crimes such as murder, see who has been charged with assault, and look to see who is in jail for committing a felony. Located in Youngstown, Ohio.




  • Mercer

Mercer County Jail Inmates – Access the Mercer County jails list of current inmates. See who is currently serving time. Find out if someone you know has went to jail and see if someone in jail has been released. Look at inmate mugshots and see what kind of charges have been filed. See if the court assigned a bond amount. Located in Celina, Ohio.





  • Morrow

Morrow County Corrections Jail Roster – Want to know who has been recently arrested or need to see if someone you know in jail? Look through the Morrow County jail roster and find all current inmates in custody. See what kinds of crimes are being committed near you and if the criminals are being granted bail. Look at the arrest mugshot pictures, list of approved visitors, and see the arresting agency. Located in Mt Gilead, Ohio.






  • Pickaway

Pickaway County Jail Roster – Review all the inmates currently being detained in the Pickaway County jail. Find out if someone you know has been arrested and see the charges they are currently facing. Find out if someone is in jail for murder, see who has been charged with assault, and look to see who is currently in jail for domestic violence. Located in Circleville, Ohio.







  • Sandusky

Sandusky County Jail Inmate Viewer – Locate people you know who have been arrested or search the complete list of inmates in the Sandusky County, Ohio jail. Find out who has been committing crimes your city and neighboring areas. View a complete list of arrest details that include; mugshots picture, charges filed against the inmates, arrest time and date. Also see bond amounts and possible release dates. Located in Fremont, Ohio.









Van Wert


  • Warren

Warren County Inmate Information – Access the Warren County jail inmate arrest records. See all the people who have been arrested are are currently booked into the county jail. View inmate mugshot pictures, see booking date and time, and see if someone has been previously arrested. Find out if someone in jail is possible of bonding out, and see if the charges are felonies or misdemeanors. Located in Warren, Ohio.

  • Washington

Washington County Inmate List – Search for people who were arrested within the last 72 hours. Find the up to date jail inmate list for Washington County, Ohio. Here you can find all the arrest details, arresting agency, booking time and date, as well as the charges filed against the people in jail. Located in Marietta, Ohio.



  • Wood

Wood County Inmate Inquiry – Use the Wood County inmate roster to see if someone was recently arrested. Look through the names of inmates and find people you know in jail. Also search through the charges filed and see what kind of crime has been committed in your area. See if the inmates have a possibility of bonding out of jail and if the crimes are classified as a felony. Located in Bowling Green, Ohio.



























Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of Ohio Department of Corrections.

Ohio Background Check Information – The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) regularly processes about a million background checks a year. BCI completes such background checks by comparing fingerprints received against a database of criminal fingerprints to determine if there is a criminal record. All fingerprints must be submitted to BCI electronically through WebCheck or a card scan unless the required reasons for an exemption are met.

Ohio Court Links Case Searches & Forms – Links to all Ohio Courts, all Ohio court rules, all Ohio court forms, all Court Records Search sites. Links to every Ohio State Court and every federal Court in Ohio and the US Supreme Court. If your city is not listed, check with the Common Pleas or Area Court in your county.

Ohio Sex Offender Registry – Locate sex offenders near you. Search by name, zip code, county and more. This makes it easy to find out if a sex offender lives near your home, work and children’s school.

Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.