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  • Benton

Benton County Jail Inmates – Looking for someone who may be in jail? Search for the people currently in custody at the Benton County jail. Find out why someone was locked up, look at inmate mugshots, see if someone was granted bail and see the bond amount, also see if there is any information on a possible release date. Located in Corvallis, Oregon.

  • Clackamas

Clackmas County Jail Inmate Search – Review the Clackmas County, Oregon jail roster to see if there is anyone you know in jail. Find out why someone was arrested, view inmate mugshot pictures, and find out the date someone was arrested. Look through the case details and see what bond amounts have been assigned to the people in jail. Located in Oregon City, Oregon.

  • Clatsop

Clatsop County Jail Roster – Search through the arrest records for people currently in jail. Find out if someone you know was arrested. Look at the daily updated jail roster to see if someone was released from jail and exactly when they was released. Look at the detailed list of charges and save copies of the charges for your own records. Located in Astoria, Oregon.

  • Columbia

Columbia County Jail Inmate Roster – Need to see if there is someone you know in jail or want to see who has been recently locked up? Find the current list of inmates serving time in the Columbia County jail. Search the names and charges of all persons currently in jail. See if someone has been released, find out if there is a bond and see what charges have been filed. Located in St Helens, Oregon.




  • Deschutes

Deschutes County Jail Roster – Search through the current list of detainees being held in Deschutes county, Oregon. Review the entire list of inmates and see why someone was arrested. Look at the charges filed against the people in jail and see what kind of crime is taking place near you. Located in Bend, Oregon.

  • Douglas

Douglas County Jail Inmate Search – Want to see who is in jail and find out why someone was arrested? Find all the information you need for everyone currently locked up in the Douglas County jail. Look through all the inmates arrest details and see the full list of charges. Also find all the sheriff’s contact information as well as the jails. Located in Roseburg, Oregon.




Hood River

  • Jackson

Jackson County Jail Current Inmates – Search for people in jail. Look for people you know who was arrested in Jackson county, Oregon. Find people in jail charged with rape, see who has been charged with possession of heroin, and see how many people in jail have been charged with a felony. Look for bond information, and a possible release date for some in jail. Located in Central Point, Oregon.


  • Josephine

Josephine County Jail List – Search for all the inmates currently serving time in Josephine County jail. Look at inmate mugshots, see the inmates charges, find the date they were arrested and booked into jail and the inmates case number. Find people in jail charged with rape, find out if there is anyone charged with murder, and see who is in jail for selling drugs. Located in Grants Pass, Oregon.



  • Lane

Lane County Jail Inmate Search – Find inmates in jail by searching for their names. Look up someone you know or someone you are related too and see if they have been arrested and booked in the county jail. Find out what charges the inmates in jail are facing and if they have been charged with felony crimes or misdemeanors. Find arrest dates and possible bond amounts. Located in Eugene, Oregon.

  • Lincoln

Lincoln County Jail Inmates – Look at all the people currently being detained by the Lincoln County sheriff’s department. Search through the list of names to see if you know someone in jail. Review the charges filed against the inmates and see if there is anyone charged with felonies or other violent crimes. Located in Newport, Oregon.

  • Linn

Linn County Inmate List – Search for people in jail. Find out who is currently serving time in the Linn County jail. Look through the list of names and find people you know in jail or search to see if someone has been released from jail. View the inmate roster and see who is a felon, look for people charged with crimes against children and women. Located in Albany, Oregon.


  • Marion

Marion County Inmate Roster – Want to find out if someone is in jail or want to see if there is someone you know was recently arrested? Find all the inmates currently in custody and held at the Marion County, Oregon jail. Look through all the inmate mugshots and charges. Find out when someone could possibly be released or bailed out of jail. Located in Salem, Oregon.



  • Polk

Polk County Jail Custody Roster – Find out who is currently in jail and who was currently released from the Polk County jail in Oregon. Search the list for family members who have been recently taken into custody. View the inmates arrest date, the officer who arrested the person, and available bond information. Located in Dallas, Oregon.




  • Union

Union County Jail Roster – Check the inmate list to see who has been recently arrested. Find out why someone was arrested. Look through the names of people in jail and see what crimes they have committed. Find out who the arresting officer was, see the total amount of bond, and see the assigned inmate number. Located in La Grande, Oregon.



  • Washington

Washington County Jail Current Inmates – Search the complete list of county jail inmates. Find out what crimes are being committed in Washington County, Oregon. Review the list of names, see all the current charges, and find out the court case numbers. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon.


  • Yamhill

Yamhill County Inmate Search – Find out who was arrested and find out what charges the people in are facing. See if there is a chance of being released or bonded out. Look for the amount of someones bond. Look through mugshots of the inmates and see if someone you know is in jail. Located in McMinnville, Oregon.


















Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of Oregon Department of Corrections.

Oregon Background Check Information – The Background Check Unit (BCU) provides background check services and support to all DHS and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) divisions for employment purposes, for those who provide services or seek to provide services as a contractor, subcontractor, vendor or volunteer, or are employed by qualified entities that provide care and are licensed, certified, registered or otherwise regulated by DHS or OHA.

CRIMS – The Criminal Records Information Management System (CRIMS) provides a portal to submitting background checks and receiving fitness determination results.

Oregon Judicial Department Online Records Search – The Oregon Judicial Department is pleased to provide free online access to limited case information in the circuit courts and Tax Court of this state. The displayed information is not the official ORS 7.020 register record, and, therefore, should not be relied upon as an official record of the court. Specifically, individuals should not use this system for background checks or other purposes that require complete identity or case information. Easily find the results of a court case or see if someone you know has a conviction or yourself.

Oregon Sex Offender Registry – This website only lists sex offenders designated: a Level 3 offender under ORS 181.800; a predatory sex offender under ORS 181.585; or a sexually violent dangerous offender under ORS 144.635. Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 181.835-837 authorize the Oregon State Police (OSP) to release information about registered sex offenders to the public. ORS 181.835 (2)(a) authorizes the OSP to post certain sex offenders on a public website. Not all sex offenders are listed on the website. In addition, the information on this website refers only to sex offenses defined under ORS 181.805(5) and does not reflect the entire criminal history of a particular individual. Find sexual predators in your area by name, zip code, county and more. See if a sex offender lives near you, your work or your kids school.



Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.