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South Dakota Criminal Background Check



  • Bennett

Bennett County Jail – Need to see if someone was arrested or want to see if someone was released from jail? Get in contact with the Bennett county jail and the sheriff’s department for the most up to date information about the cases for the inmates currently in custody. Located in Martin, South Dakota.

Bon Homme

  • Brookings

Brookings County Jail Inmate Search – Find out who was recently arrested. Review the list of inmates and get the most current list, updated with inmate information every 15 minutes. Find out the date and time of the arrest. Review all the charges for every inmate currently locked up. Look for felony charges and crimes committed with violence. Located in Brookings, South Dakota.

  • Brown

Brown County Jail – Find out who is currently locked up in the Brown county jail. Find what you need to know about visiting inmates currently in jail, see what ways you can disperse funds to someone in jail, and find all the information about the opportunity for inmates to be apart of the work release program. Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota.



  • Butte

Butte County Sheriff’s Office – Get all the contact information needed for up to date status reports for people serving time in the Butte county jail. Find a list of the chain of command for the sheriff’s office, view the different methods of making contact with the sheriff’s as well as the jail, and review all the other services made available for the inmates and family members. Located in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.


Charles Mix


  • Clay

Clay County Inmate Roster – Conduct inmate searches for individual people or do a search for inmates that were in custody in certain dates. Find out the exact day someone was arrested and see what charges the person in jail is charged with. Look for the sheriff’s contact information and the correct methods for making contact with the inmates in custody. Located in Vermillion, South Dakota.

  • Codington

Codington Detention Center – Want to see who was arrested? Need to find out if someone was released from jail? Find all the information you need for locating people in jail and the updated information for their case. Find out what you need to know for visitation, and see when you can pick up and drop off inmate property at the jail. Located in Watertown, South Dakota.


  • Custer

Custer County Sheriff’s Office – Search through the Custer county sheriff’s department information to find the most current information available pertaining to the inmates cases. Get all the information needed to add funds to someone’s commissary account, find visitation hours and guidelines, and see other services available to the family members and inmates. Located in Custer, South Dakota.







Fall River





  • Hamlin

Hamlin County Jail – Need to find out if someone was arrested? Want to see if someone is in jail? Find the contact information for the Hamlin county sheriff’s department. Contact the sheriff’s office for the most up to date information regarding inmates in jail. Find out if there is any new information available or if anything in the courts have changed. Located in Hayti, South Dakota.












  • Lawrence

Lawrence County Corrections – Find out if there is someone you know or check to see if someone in your family was arrested and taken to jail. Look through all the contact numbers and information for the sheriff’s office and the county jail. See what services are offered to inmates currently in custody. View the correct ways to get inmates funds needed for commissary and the mailing address. Located in Deadwood, South Dakota.




McCook McPherson

  • Meade

Meade County Sheriff’s Office – Locate and review the Meade county sheriff’s office contact information. Find out all the details for an inmates case, see if there is someone you think might be in jail. Contact the sheriff’s office for all the current and up to date case details and inmate roster. Located in Sturgis, South Dakota.



  • Minnehaha

Minnehaha County Inmate Listing – Find someone in jail. Look at the complete roster of people serving time in jail. Look at all the arrest information and see the date and time someone was arrested. Look at all the charges filed against the people in jail. See the amount of bond required to get someone released from jail. Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  • Moody

Moody County Sheriff’s Department – Review all the contact information for the Moody county sheriff and jail. Find out all the case details, see if there is someone you know in jail, and check to see if somebody was recently released from jail. Located in Flandreau, South Dakota.

  • Pennington

Pennington County Jail Inmates – Look for somebody recently arrested. Find out who is serving time in the Pennington county jail. Review all the names and charges for someone in jail. Search for individuals or scroll through the complete list of inmates locked up. Find out if there is more than one charge and if they are repeat offenders. Located in Rapid City, South Dakota.



  • Roberts

Roberts County Sheriff – Locate the address and contact information for the Roberts county sheriff’s office. Contact the county sheriff to get the most up to date information about someone in jail and the current status of their case. Located in Sisseton, South Dakota.



  • Spink

Spink County Jail Information – The Spink county sheriff’s department provides 24 hour coverage for the entire county. Find all the contact information and resources you need about the people in jail. Search through the contact information and find the best methods for getting the most up to date information regarding the inmates in jail. Located in Redfield, South Dakota.





  • Turner

Turner County Jail Info – Know someone arrested in Turner county? Find out which jail someone was sent to if they were arrested in Turner count, South Dakota. Review all the contact numbers and different ways to make contact with the county sheriff. See if there is any new information about the cases for people in jail and find out if someone was released. Located in Parker, South Dakota.

  • Union

Union County Jail – Want to see if someone was released from jail? Need to check the current status of a case for somebody locked up? Review the most current information available from the sheriff’s department. See what is the recommended methods for visitation, adding funds to someones commissary, and the correct way to deliver goods to and for an inmate. Located in Elk Point, South Dakota.


  • Yankton

Yankton County Jail – Looking for information about someone in jail or do you need to check if someone was arrested? Find all the correct numbers and contact information for the sheriff’s department. Review the list of rules and guidelines for visitations, bond, and other methods of making contact with people in jail. Located in Yankton, South Dakota.







Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of South Dakota Department of Corrections.

South Dakota Background Checks – The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation Identification Department is responsible for processing fingerprint based background checks. These background checks are processed one of two ways. The first being State of South Dakota only. This includes background checks for certain employment and self background checks. Fingerprint kits are available at no cost and may be obtained by calling the ID Section at (605) 773-3331. You can get state and FBI background checks. See what is on your background or someone else’s.

South Dakota Unified Judicial System Case Lookup – South Dakota has a statewide record search program. CRIMINAL cases are available, unless sealed, on the UJS system from 1989 to present. CIVIL cases, unless confidential or sealed, are available from 2003 to present. Active money judgments are available for the past 20 years and inactive money judgments from April 19, 2004 to present.

CIVIL money judgment searches, only, can be accessed at: for a fee. You must set-up an account and deposit credits with a debit or credit card for this search. When establishing an account you need to use the same address for your account as you have for your debit/credit card.

South Dakota Sex Offender Registry – Find sex offenders near you. Find out if you have sexual predators living in your area, near your work or near your children’s school. Find out who is on the sex offender list.

Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.