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Utah Criminal Background Check

Beaver County

  • Box Elder

Box Elder County Corrections – Review all the contact information for the Box Elder county jail. Find the list of name for the chain of command in the jail and how to contact each person in charge. View the list of inmate services made available to people in jail and see what you need to know and do to bail someone out of jail. Located in Brigham City, Utah.

  • Cache

Cache County Jail Roster – Want to know who was arrested today? Find the updated inmate roster with people who were arrested within the last 24 hours. See if anyone was released from the Cache county jail. Find out what crimes the people in jail have been arrested for. Find people in jail for sexual battery, see people charged with drugs possession. Located in Logan, Utah.

Carbon County

Daggett County

  • Davis

David County Inmate Roster – Search for people in jail. View the Davis county jail roster and see if there is anyone you know in jail. Find out why someone was arrested. Find the arrest details and the detailed list of inmate information. See what crimes were committed, see the housing location, look at inmate booking pictures, and view bail information. Located in Farmington, Utah.

Duchesne County


  • Garfield

Garfield County Inmate Bookings – Search through the names and mugshots for everyone in the Garfield county jail. See what crimes have been committed. Find people in jail for domestic violent crimes, see if anyone is in jail for driving drunk, and look for people charged with felonies. Located in Panguitch, Utah.

  • Grand

Grand County Jail Roster – Review all the current people booked into the Grand county jail. See if there is anyone you know in jail and see if someone was released from jail. Look at all the charges for every person in jail. See if the crimes committed are felonies or if they are filed as misdemeanors. View the booking number for every inmate for case information. Located in Moab, Utah.

  • Iron 

Iron County Inmate Bookings – Look through the inmate mugshot pictures and view the dates and times people were arrested. View the list of charges filed against each person in jail and see what the amount of bail was set at for the people in jail to be released. See the contact information for the sheriff’s office as well as the jails. Located in Cedar City, Utah.

  • Juab

Juab County Jail – Find all the information needed to make contact with the current inmates in the Juab county jail. Review the steps and methods for inmate visitation, inmate mail, phone calls and information about adding commissary funds to their accounts. Located in Nephi, Utah.

Kane County

  • Millard

Millard County Jail – Need to find out when you can visit an inmate in jail? Look through the available information for visitation rules and guidelines. Find out what payment methods are accepted to add money to an inmates commissary account. Located in Fillmore, Utah.

Morgan County Piute County

  • Rich

Rich County Sheriff – Contact the Rich county sheriff. Find the current case information for the people in jail. Contact the Rich county sheriff for any updates and bail information. Find out how to add money to an inmates account and when visitation times and dates are. Located in Randolph, Utah.

Salt Lake

San Juan County

  • Sanpete

Sanpete County Arrest Reports – Find out who is in jail. Look for people arrested within the last week. View all the arrest reports for the Sanpete county jail. Find arrest reports for the last year and the most current arrest records updated weekly. Review inmate mugshot pictures, see the filed charges, and look to see if there in an available bail amount. Located in Manti, Utah.

Sevier County

  • Summit

Summit County Inmate Listing – Get daily updated arrest reports for the Summit county jail. See if there is someone in jail you know or find out if you have a family member in jail. View the list of inmates and see if someone was released from jail. Review the visitation schedule information and the contact information for the jail and the sheriff’s office. Located in Park City, Utah.

  • Tooele

Tooele County Sheriff’s Office – Find all the information you need for someone in jail. See the current sheriff’s contact information and methods of contact made available to the public. Review the rules and guidelines for visiting an inmate and adding money to someone’s commissary account. Located in Tooele, Utah.

Uintah County

  • Utah 

Utah County Jail – Find out who was recently arrested and is serving time in the Utah county jail. View the inmate status and see what kind of sentence they were given to serve. Click through the names of the inmates to find details of their arrest. Find the day someone was arrested, see what charges are filed and look at inmate mugshot pictures. Located in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Wasatch County

  • Washington

Washington County Inmate Roster – View the updated inmate roster for the Washington county jail. Click through the names of all the inmates to see the arrest photos. See where each inmate is being held and find out the date and time the person in jail was arrested and booked into jail. Located in Hurricane, Utah.

Wayne County

  • Weber

Weber County Sheriff’s Inmate List – Find out who was arrested. Look through the Weber county jail inmate list to find the current list of inmates. Find out if someone you know is in jail or see if someone you know has been released from police custody. Find out who is in jail for human trafficking, see if someone was arrested for drug related charges, ad see if anyone in jail has committed murder. Located in Ogden, Utah.




Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of Utah Department of Corrections.

Utah Department of Public Safety Background Checks – Information on employment and volunteer background checks. Find out if someone has a criminal history.

BCI – DPS Criminal Identification – Obtain a copy of your criminal history, check for warrants, update firearm permits and much more.

Utah Court Records Lookup

Some of the information you can search for:

Appellate Docket Search
Search for appellate cases by docket number.

Appellate Court Records

Searching District Court Records at the Courthouse

Searching District Court Records Online – A Guide to XChange
XChange is a subscription-based clearinghouse of state court information.

Archived Court Records
Historical Court Records (more than 50 years old). The Utah State Archives is the repository for many judicial/court records, including the Utah State Supreme Court and many county district courts. Records of municipal courts and justice courts are housed here also. Supreme Court, district court, and probate court records date back to establishment of the territory. More recent records created by these agencies, as well as the Court of Appeals, remain with the creating agency. Provided by

Digital Recordings
Utah’s district, juvenile and appellate courts are courts of record. Hearings are recorded either by court reporters or electronically. Copies of hearings recorded electronically are available from each court.

Weekly Case Reports
Case Filings Reports, Case Disposition Reports, and Judgement Reports. Posted each Monday.

Court Filing, Transcript, & Record Fees

Utah Sex Offender and Kidnapper Notifications Registry – Find out if a sex offender or kidnapper lives near you, your work or your child’s school. Search by name, location, area etc. Find out if someone you know is on the sex offender list.

Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.