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  • Albemarle

Albermarle County Jail – Need information about visiting someone in jail? Looking for information about adding money or funds to someones commissary account? Get all the information you need to send money and find the visitation schedule for the people in jail. Find the sheriff’s contact information to get updates on the case and court dates. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia.



  • Amherst

Amherst County Inmate Search – Want to see who is currently serving time in the Amherst county jail? Search for people you know in jail. Find out what crimes are being committed where you live and see if the criminals are repeat offenders. Find inmate mugshot pictures, the date and time someone was arrested, and all available bail information. Located in Madison Heights, Virginia.


  • Arlington

Arlington Correctional Facility – View the Arlington county correctional facility list of inmate services and contact information. Find the best methods for depositing money into an inmates account. Check to see if the people in jail can make phone calls and find the mailing address for people in jail. Located in Arlington, Virginia.

  • Augusta

Augusta County Inmate Search – Want to see who is jail? Do you know someone currently locked up in the Augusta county jail? Find all the arrest details for every inmate in custody. Find out if the charges they were arrested for are filed as felonies or misdemeanors. Look through the crimes and see who is charged with rape, see who is in jail for murder. Located in Newport, Virginia.


  • Bedford

Bedford County Correctional Center – Search the current list of inmates booked into the Bedford county correctional facility. Look through the names of all the inmates and see if there is anyone you know in jail. Find out when someone was arrested and find out if someone was released from jail. Look for people booked today, and see who was released today. Located in Bedford, Virginia.






  • Campbell

Campbell Count Inmate Roster – Locate the people in jail. See what someone was recently arrested for. Find all the people who have been arrested within the last 24 hours. Also see who has been recently released from the Campbell county jail today. View inmate booking photos and see what crimes and charges the people in jail facing. Located in Rustburg, Virginia.



Charles City





  • Culpeper

Culpeper County Jail – Want to find out when visitation times are? Find the full schedule and all the information you need about inmate visitation at the Culpeper county jail. See the preferred methods for sending money to inmates and how to correctly add money to someones commissary account in jail. Located in Culpeper, Virginia.












  • Gloucester

Gloucester County Jail – Find all the services made available to all the inmates in jail. Find out how to add money to inmates canteen accounts and their commissary accounts. See when and where visitations are, see what is allowed during the visitation, and find out if you can send packages through the mail to people in jail. Located in Gloucester, Virginia.





  • Halifax

Halifax County Jail Inmate Search – Find all the people arrested today. Also look through the inmate roster of people released from the Halifax county jail today. Find out all the details about the arrest and see if there is a chance for them to make bail. Look through all the charges and see how many have been charged with felonies. Located in Halifax, Virginia.

  • Hanover

Hanover County Inmate Tracker – See who is in jail. Look through the jails inmate tracker and see the full list of current inmates. Look at inmate booking mugshots. Find the charges filed against the people in jail. See if the charges carry a felony or misdemeanor title. Look to see if the people in jail are repeat offenders and see if there is anyone you know in jail. Located in Hanover, Virginia.

  • Henrico

Henrico County Inmate Search – Search for people in jail by their last names. Find out who is currently locked up and serving time in the Henrico county jail. Look at all the crimes committed and see if the charges are felonies or filed under misdemeanors. Look for people recently arrested and see if someone you know in jail was arrested. Located in Henrico, Virginia.



Isle of Wight

James City

King and Queen

King George

King William



  • Loudoun

Loudoun County Detention Center – Search the contact information for the Loudoun county jail so you can find out case details and arrest information for the people in jail. Find out if there are any future court dates, see if the person in jail has a set bail amount and find out if someone you know in jail is set to be released from jail. Located in Leesburg, Virginia.



  • Lynchburg 

Lynchburg Inmate Lookup – Review the current list of all the inmate currently booked into the Lynchburg jail. Find out whyt someone was arrested and see all the details about the arrest. Find out if the person arrested can make bail or if there is a no bail order placed on their case. Also look to see who has been charged with violent crime and crimes against women and children. Located in Lynchburg, Virginia.





  • Montgomery

Montgomery County Jail Bookings – Review the Montgomery county arrest logs to see who is in jail and see who was recently arrested. Find the full list of inmates and see if there is someone who was released. Search through the list of charges and what kind of crimes are being committed where you live. Located in Christiansburg, Virginia.


New Kent

  • Norfolk

Norfolk County Inmate Search – Find out when someone was arrested. Look for individuals in jail or do a search for the complete roster people in jail. Look through the names and see if you have family or friends currently locked up. Also see what kinds of charges the people in jail are facing. Review the crimes that are happening near you. Located in Norfolk, Virginia.

  • Northampton

Northampton County Jail – Search all the information available for the Northampton county jail. Review all the services made available to the people in jail. See how the county sheriff’s office wants you to make contact with somebody in jail, find the best way to add money to an inmates commissary account. Located in Eastville, Virginia.








Prince Edward

Prince George

Prince William


  • Rappahannock

Rappahannock County Jail Inmate List – Want to know who is in jail or need to see if there is someone you know in jail due to a recent arrest? Find all the current inmates serving time in the Rappahannock county jail. Find out who is in jail for committing the crimes of rape, charged with burglary, and see who is in jail on felony drug charges. Located in Stafford, Virginia.

  • Richmond

Richmond County Inmate Inquiry – Look through the available sheriff’s department contact information and find the correct section to get all your questions answered. Find out if someone was arrested and booked into the Richmond county jail. Check to see if someone in jail is due to be released and see if there are any new court dates. Located in Warsaw, Virginia.

  • Roanoke

Roanoke County Jail Division – Find out what you need to know about visiting someone in jail. Look at the contact information for the Roanoke county jail. Find out if there is any available updates for someones case and see if a release date or court date has been assigned. Located in Roanoke, Virginia.













  • Virginia Beach 

Virginia Beach County Jail – Review the inmate locator for all the people currently serving time in the Virginia Beach jail. Find out what crimes are taking place near you. See if there is anyone in jail you know or if there is someone locked up you work with. See what the severity of the crimes are and if there is a bond or possible release date. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.











Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of Virginia Department of Corrections.

Virginia State Police Criminal Record Check – Obtain a background check on yourself or someone else. Find out if someone has a criminal record before you hire them or they volunteer. Also, find out what is on your record.

Virginia Judicial System Case Search – Search for court cases by case number and or name.

Virginia Sex Offender Registry – Locate sex offenders near you. Find out if a predator lives near your home, your work or your child’s school.

Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.