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Wyoming Criminal Background Check

Albany County

  • Big Horn

Big Horn County Inmate Locator – See who is in jail. Look through all the inmates in jail and see if they have a posted bail amount. Find out what crimes have been committed in Big Horn county. Find inmate mugshot pictures, see the arresting agency, and the date they were arrested. Located in Basin, Wyoming.

  • Campbell

Campbell County Detention Center – View all the contact information for the Campbell county jail. Find out the recommended ways to contact the inmates you know in jail and see what is the preferred method to add money and funds to an inmates commissary account. Located in Gilette, Wyoming.

  • Carbon

Carbon County Inmate Information – Review the Carbon county jail contact information and find all the information needed to get details about the inmates in jail. Find out how to properly send money and mail to the people in jail. Located in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Converse County

Crook County

Fremont County

  • Goshen

Goshen County Inmate List – Want to see who has been arrested? Need to see if the person you know in jail has been released? Review the complete list of inmates in the Goshen county jail. Review the arrest details and the charges against the people in jail. Located in Torrington, Wyoming.

Hot Springs County

Johnson County

  • Laramie

Laramie County Inmate Information – Review the guidelines for how to send money to people in jail, find out what is prohibited for the inmates to have or receive. Find the contact information to get details on the case and any further court dates. Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Lincoln County

Natrona County

Niobrara County

  • Park

Park County Jail – Search the list of names for all the inmates currently booked into the Park county jai. Find the arrest pictures for each inmate, see if there is a set bail and how much money is needed to bail them out of jail. View all filed charges and see the severity of the crimes. Located in Cody, Wyoming.

Platte County

  • Sheridan

Sheridan County Arrest Report – View the Sheridan county daily arrest report. Find out who was arrested within the last 24 hours and see all the other names for the current inmates in jail. Find out why someone was taken to jail and see the complete arrest details. Located in Sheridan, Wyoming.

  • Sublette

Sublette County Jail – Review the inmate visitation rules, available visitation hours, and the contact information for the jail and sheriff’s office. See what details are available for each inmates case and see if there is an available bond and  the amount of the bond. Located in Pinedale, Wyoming.

Sweetwater County

  • Teton

Teton County Inmate List – Look at inmate mugshots and the date of their arrest. Find out if the people in jail are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. Review all the filed charges against the person in jail. Located in Jackson, Wyoming.

  • Uinta 

Uinta County Detention Center – Need to find out how you can send money to someone in jail? Want to know when you can visit an inmate and need the visitation times? Find all the information for inmates in jail and see the contact information for the jail and sheriff’s office. Located in Evanston, Wyoming.

Washakie County






Find an inmate or family member currently in custody of Wyoming Department of Corrections.

Wyoming Background Checks – Get a background check on yourself or someone else. Find out what is on your record and gain access to your criminal history background check.


1. Can I check to see if I have any criminal arrests or convictions through the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI)?

Yes. Wyoming statutes contain a provision for a voluntary record check which enables any person to obtain a criminal record check on themselves and provide that record to any person they designate. This procedure requires the submission of an applicant fingerprint card. In addition, the applicant must also submit a fee which is also set by statute.

2. What if my record is not accurate?

Wyoming Statute 7-19-109 has information for the correction of a criminal history record and can be located here. This only pertains to arrests that occurred in Wyoming. For Federal arrests, or arrests within other states, you must contact that jurisdiction.

3. How much does it cost to check for a Wyoming criminal history?

For most applicants, the fee is $15 for the state of Wyoming which includes the Western Identification Network criminal history check. If an FBI criminal history check is performed (if allowed by state statute) in addition to the state of Wyoming there is an additional fee of $24.00. For persons who are fingerprinted at the Division of Criminal Investigation, or at a local Wyoming law enforcement agency, they may also be charged $5 for the fingerprinting service. If an FBI check is desired and DCI has no statutory authority to process this check, the individual must contact the FBI directly to request it. More information can be found at this link. Click here for instructions on background checks.

Wyoming Court Case Search Online – Search for a court case in Wyoming. Search by docket date, case number, status, type of case and more.

Wyoming Sex Offender Registry – Find out if someone is a sex offender and locate offenders near you. Search for sexual predators near your home, your work and or your child’s school. View the map to locate offenders and view photos of them online.

Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.